Healthy KP Kids

This website is as a collection of research, opportunities, and facts about the importance of early exercise in children’s lives. Exercise holds many benefits such as greater concentration, increased energy levels, and better stress management. The effects of childhood obesity are enormous. Most overweight kids will never lose the weight later in life. It also leads to health problems including diabetes, asthma, anxiety, and even behavioral problems. If children and families exercise early, these problems can be avoided.


For years, families have been deprived of the knowledge of obesity because many do not believe it is a problem. However, most cases of childhood obesity are caused by a lack of exercise and knowledge of the benefits of physical activity. Since 1980, obesity has increased tremendously. The major culprit is technology. Many families are overlooking activities and allowing children to stay indoors playing video games. With correct publicity and knowledge, not only can children become healthy and learn the benefits of exercise, but they will also pass on their knowledge thus lowering the number of people suffering from obesity.

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